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Team Bonding Trips – 

Next Trip:  March 13th – 15th, 2020

Directions: Camp Juliette Low

A camping trip is scheduled prior to the first Meet to allow all the Team Members a chance to get to now each other and prepare for the upcoming season.  We are lucky enough to be able to go to Camp Juliette Low in Cloudland, Georgia.  It is a beautiful setting for our team to get to know each other and form bonds that we hope will carry on long past swim team.

We need parent chaperones to accompany us on our camping trips.  If you would like to volunteer as a chaperone please click the link above!  Depending on how many drivers we have, we might also need a few parents to take groups up on Friday and pick up on Sunday.  No Student Athletes Are Allowed to Drive!


What to Bring?

Tent, or access to one, weather related clothing, towels, swim suits, medicine, old sneakers or boots, pillow, sleeping bag, flashlight, good attitude!

Cost: $0

We will leave from school on Friday afternoon and will return Sunday around 12:30pm.

We will be traveling “caravan style”.  Attendees will need to secure a ride BEFORE that Friday.

We will stop for dinner somewhere along the way that Friday night.  (Please bring money or bring your own food for this meal.)

Food is taken care of by the coaches and chaperones.  If additional food or snacks are needed we will let you know.

This is a RAIN or SHINE trip so please be prepared.

If you have questions email Coach Laird, Coach Tolbert, or a Board Member.

PARENTS & SWIMMERS:  PLEASE BE AWARE that cellphone service is spotty at best so if you need to communicate with your athlete text a Coach or Chaperone and as soon as the message comes through we will contact you!