Student Athletic Advisory Committee

Greetings Coaches,

This is Ana Herndon, I am a junior here at Campbell High School.

I am starting a Student Athletic Advisory Committee and we are looking to have every sport represented within this new club.

The club is to create a greater sense of community within the athletics program by including all athletic teams. It will be enabling Campbell Athletes to have a greater voice in their school by creating an outlet to have input on the rules, regulations, and policies that affect them. Ultimately promote communication between the athletic administration and students they represent. As well as giving athletes volunteer and outreach opportunities with a focus on sports and exercise.

We ask that you, the coaches, please tell your athletes about this new opportunity. As well meeting with us. Our first meeting will be on Wednesday, August 28 at 7:45 am in the lobby of the Gwyn McClure Gym (the new gym).

With all the success Campbell Athletics has had in the past few years, it would be an excellent time to help enhance the Campbell Student-Athlete Experience.

If you need any additional information please do not hesitate to ask me at

Thank you for all your support in advance!

Kind regards,

Ana Herndon