Team Retreat


For those of you coming on the trip as an attendee, driver, or both, here is the plan:

We will meet in the Tiger Lot by 3:45pm, load cars, and hit the road by 4:00pm.  The kitchen is being renovated this weekend so we will not be able to cook/clean/or store food in there.  Instead we will be using the multipurpose pavilion directly behind the cabins.  It has power, benches, and large tables for the food and stoves.

Chaperones please don’t forget to bring a few stoves, propane, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, etc.  We should probably include a couple of power strips too.

The weather looks great with highs in the 60’s and lows in the 30’s and almost no clouds.  Pack accordingly, but don’t overpack!  No need for four bags each.

If one of the chaperones has a truck, then that would be ideal for the food coolers if possible.

Make sure you have secured your ride and will be turning in your permission form too.

On Sunday we truly need to leave by 9:30am so that those attending the IB Open House will be back, cleaned, and ready at CHS by 1:30pm.