Thank You!

Thank you everyone!  The Campbell Spartans and Lady Spartans Swim & Dive Teams had their most successful season ever.  We couldn’t be more proud of what each and every athlete has done over the season to make it so special.  As we gear up for the State Championships we want to say thank you to any one that was a timer, gate worker, runner, announcer, worked the dive table, concessions worker, or any volunteer who helped pitch in to make the 2016-2017 season run smoothly.  We know your time is valuable and we appreciate your willingness to help.

Next, thank you the to Booster Club Board!  Rebecca, Traci, Sue, Sherry, Christine, Lisa, Meredith, Lesley, along with some of your spouses, were the well oiled machine working tirelessly for the success of the program.  From dragging coolers, tables, cooking, and general planning, we all truly appreciate your time and sacrifice to run the Booster Club Board so efficiently.

Finally, thank you to our Seniors:  Cydney, Erin, Jewel, Alex, Catherine, Angelica, Maya, Gigi, Isabel, Elizabeth, Mia, Sydney, Nicola, Teresita, Nico, Jean, Roberto, and Chris.  It’s been a great run over the years and we all will miss you.  This is an extremely special group and none like any before.  Thanks for a great Senior Relay to set the tone for years to come, your coaches just don’t dive in for anyone!

All the Best,

-Coach Laird & Coach Tolbert